Our Products

OUr bohos are made with baby alpaca wool (the back) and merino handcrafted wool (the front panel and the sleeves)
with flowery handprinted cotton linen

Fair Trade – mariafra engages and counts with artisans to craft high-quality handwoven products which they received a fair income.
Boho Style is a handcrafted exclusive design made by Bolivian and Indian artisan women. Every Boho, knitted or woven, is a novel, glamorous, timeless proposal for modern women, combining creativity with the art of the tradition and the harmony of nature, dedication, caring for the environment and empowering women as social entrepreneurs.
With the hand of these women, humble, but rich in their stiches and in their inner beauty we have achieved these unique cloths quality.


Why our customers feel good when using a Boho?
The answer is that our customers love them because they are made with a Premium Baby alpaca and Merino organic fiber, comfort, softness, luxurious, and longevity.
As a young brand our offering is one-quite-basics, but an essential with long shelf life.
We stand behind diversity and value with a wise and contemporary design for women who live in a stress-modern life.
Our sustainable mindset: We take care of Nature because it belongs to everyone.
Our social impact is to improve the living conditions of peasant women, their children and families.
We don't have waist of fabrics as we recycle each piece of them left into accessories.

Our Beneficiaries

Our Beneficiaries are 560 indigenous artisans and their families working in one of the 80 ateliers spread all over El Alto- La Paz -Bolivia.
These artisans have their workshops in their homes employing 7 artisans each. Each workshop is a legally constituted independent mini-company.
In India we support a small group of artisans by buying the handcrafted merino wool to Italian designers. 

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to empower women by training them to form a legal business and become entrepreneurs with their own legally constituted businesses.