Premium Baby Alpaca Wool:  Throws  /  Large Pashminas
Measurement: 1,00 x 1,70 cmts  /  Weight: 1,200 kgs
Each throw comes with a cotton hand bag printed with naive Andean drawings

The Baby alpaca wool is called “The Gold of the Andes”. It is natural, renewable and biodegradable. We are especially fond of the softness, warmth and drape of the Baby alpaca wool. It is sourced from carefully selected collectors of wool in the Andean plains.
In the “Tiwanaku” culture, the textiles were used to make their clothes, to decorate their altars and to tell stories. The Baby alpaca wool was the most precious commodity in the Andean world along with chicha (an alcoholic beverage), both represented the social bond between the people and the gods.